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Puppy School

Puppy School is a course for puppies under 20 weeks of age. The course lasts for six weeks and comes with a comprehensive training manual so that you can do work at home.


It is a safe and fun environment for you and your puppy to learn and socialise. At Puppy School only kind and positive methods are used to help you train your puppy to:-

  •        Come when called from something they are doing

  •        Sit, lie down, stand

  •        Walk on a loose lead

  •        Accept handling (including for vets and groomers)

  •        'Stay'

  •        'Settle' 'Leave’ objects when asked

  •        Accept people near to food bowls, bones and chews

  •        Stop play biting

  •        Be sociable with humans and other puppies

  •        Greet people without jumping up

Upcoming Puppy School Courses


Wednesday 4th October Junction 24 The Animal Auction centre 7.30pm with Leanne Miller


Wednesday  11th October 7.30pm - Ash Priors Village Hall, Taunton  with Becky Howe


Monday 16th October 7.30pm - Kings Down Pavillion Bridgwater, Kings Drive  with Chloe Nicolas


Thursday 2nd November 6.20pm Ash Priors Village Hall, Taunton with Catherine Tomlinson


Thursday 9th November 7.30pm Kings Down Pavillion Bridgwater, Kings Drive  with Kelly Wadley


Wednesday 15th November 6.30pm - Junction 24 The Animal Auction Centre with Leanne Miller

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The other levels of puppy training

How to Book your Place

Alternatively please click here to print and complete the form and then return it to the address at the bottom of the form with a cheque for the total course fee (made payable to ‘Catherine Ogden') before the start date and I will then contact you confirming your place.

Step 2

Complete the form and email it to catherinetomlinson@hotmail.com

Step 3

You will be sent a email a while after with a request for payment. Once payment is received we will confirm your place.

Step 1

Clicking to book will open a form for you to download.

No. of Spaces:    6

Course length:   6 Weeks, 50 minutes a week

Cost for course: £60 (£1 booking fee)


Would you like to be a Puppy School Tutor?





Please visit the official Puppy School website at www.puppyschool.co.uk for further information on the Puppy School programme, products and general information on raising puppies.

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